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Have you ever tried to work, venture, learn, settle down, or buy a house or a car on the other side of the border? Many people live their everyday lives with a knowledge about the proximity of the border, along with all the difficulties originating from this situation. We founded our association in 2009 with the aim to make their lives easier by enhancing the permeability of borders and by removing barriers created by them.

During our work, we apply the latest scientific results. Based on these results we create cross-border strategic plans and programmes which serve as basis for concrete sustainable developments. Moreover, it is our important mission to play certain intermediary role between local, national and EU level institutions in order to adopt provisions at upper levels which are comprehensible also at local level and are to the interests of local people.

CESCI aims to create as many relations as possible between people living on each side of the border, to help removing the barriers hindering cooperation in order to not only make everyday life easier but also contribute to bring a mutual understanding and rapprochement among the people living in Central Europe.


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CESCI’s annual General Assembly meeting was held on the 19th of May in Budapest. Within the framework of the strict agenda of the meeting, members of the association approved the annual reports of the association and its various organs, approved the modification of the Statutes and made a decision about joining CESCI Carpathia. For further information, click here.


CESCI's working organ has moved to a new office. Our address: 1137 Budapest, Újpesti rakpart 5. 3rd floor12a.


CESCI has puiblished its newest study on the joint spatial planning plan in Komrano and Komárom. CESCI scholar Lilla Krisztina Szilágyi's study presents an overview of the joint development document, reviews the implementation of the development plan and drafts proposals by using examples of existing best practices. The whole study is available here.


CESCI's annual General assembly meeting will be held on 19th May 2016 in Budapest. For the invitation, the preliminary agenda and the proposals, click here!


The Second Seminar on Cooperation took place on the 11th and 12th of April 2016 in the City of Szentgotthárd. Similarly to last year’s seminar, the two-days programme did include presentations in the frame of cooperation, each participant could introduce their project ideas and had opportunity to find project partners. For further information, please click here.